Stone craft comes naturally to the artisans of Odisha , where like ancient times, knowledge is passed from one generation to the next. The artists draw inspiration from ancient epics and from the scores of historical structures that lie scattered across the state. The profession has seen modern equipments coming in but the process of making a stone idol remains the same as it used to be.

Stone crafts from Odisha remain one of the most exported art from the state inspiring more young hands to take up the craft as a full time profession.

Besides large and small figurines of Ganesha, Buddha, Elephants etc, there is also a good demand for decorative and utilitarian pieces in stone such as vases, bowls, mortar and pestle, ashtrays and decorative figurines and designer furniture for drawing rooms. The stone works of Bhubaneswar are usually made by artisans in Dhauli, Old Town and Gangotri Nagar and many studios with prominent display have come up along the Samantarapur-Dhauli Road making it a prominent crafts zone.