Brass and bell metal products once household items in Odisha are now valued as decorative items. One can purchase from thousands of big and small shops in the city. The kitchen items such as bowls, plates, spoons, glass, tumbler, bells continue to be popular even as artisans have started experimenting with products like hanging lights, bronze bangles and lamp stands.

The craft is practiced by the people of the 'Kansari' caste who can be broadly described as metalsmiths The largest concentration of the former is 'Kantilo' and 'Balakati' on the city outskirts and a visitor can also go there while returning from Dhauli or vice-versa.

The small market near Uttara Square also has some shops dealing with bell metal utensils and also art work.
Dhokra casting, a different variety of metal casting. It is essentially a folk craft and is practiced mainly by 'Sithulias' limited to a few pockets of Orissa.

The raw materials used are not pure brass, but contains miscellaneous scraps of other metals, which give it is typically antique look.

The motifs are mostly drawn from folk culture. Popular Dhokra items, include elephants, images of gods especially Ganesh, containers with lids, with or without locking devices besides lamps and lamp stands are also available at craft exhibitions and also at art and crafts store across the city. Dhokra art works are also found at Utkalika and Ekamra Haat.